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Media library and gallery problem

  1. Here's my problem: I've got a gallery of 11 photos on a page. Users can click a photo to view the gallery and they can click the Permalink link to view more about any photo (caption, description, etc.) in the gallery, but when they do that, they get two smaller images down in the corners to go to the previous image or next image. The problem is neither of those images are in the gallery I've posted to this page. How do I edit this so that the next and previous images would be from the 11 images I've added to this gallery? Or how can I prevent those two smaller images from appearing? It seems counter-productive to be able to add a gallery but then other images show up when you view a certain photo in the gallery.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hello there,
    You forgot to post and active link starting with http:// to the blog in question. Please do that now.

  3. Unfortunately there is no link I can add right now because this is happening in the preview. However, I've checked some galleries that are active and this problem doesn't appear to be happening.

    Where it appears to be working is which is in this gallery

    Where it doesn't appear to be working, the URL has 'attachment_id=2367' in it. Could this be the problem?

  4. Ok, the page is now live.

    There are nine colored images in my gallery. If you click on the first one in the top left corner (fog and trees) and then click the Permalink for that photo, you'll see a black and white photo in the bottom left corner that doesn't belong there because it's not in the gallery. How do I fix this? I only want the 11 images available here, not access to all of the images I've uploaded.

  5. Did you delete that post? I clicked in and got this:

    Whoops! Whatever you are looking for cannot be found.

  6. Yes. Figured out another way to do it.

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