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Media library getting the best of me

  1. For the life of me I cannot figure out how to organize pictures in the Media Library, but there must be a way to do it because the WordPress help section starts with:

    The Media menu can be used to manage your existing media files.

    What options are available to 'manage' my media? I need to create folders but I can't find anything. I'm about to upload about 950 images from my home computer, then I plan to insert them in posts when I'm on the road using my work computer (no personal stuff goes on it). When I create a particular post, for example, am I going to have to search through nearly a thousand images each time I want to insert a photo?

    I can't imagine WordPress would ask its users to do that, so I'm obviously missing something here. What is it?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Sorry there is not a option to categorize or the ability to create folders for your photos in the media library.

    You're welcome to contact staff directly and let them now you would like to see a photo category/folder manager implemented I also recommend starting up a thread in the Ideas section about having a photo category/folder manager found here

    Also here is staffs contact link

  3. I've logged that suggestion. Thanks!

  4. If you upload them with descriptive file names, I've never found it takes more than one try to locate them via the Search function (which was my suggestion).

  5. I also use descriptive file names for my images and like raincoaster, I have no difficulty locating them by use of the search utility.

  6. I have to put my life on hold because Wordpess needs me to add descriptions to a thousand images, is that what you are saying?

  7. Or is the naming process some sort of automatic batch process that's handled by the uploading software? Sorry for all the silly questions, I'm new to all this.

  8. I shared what I do and what I experience - full stop.

  9. lol ,motorambler so dramatic.

    I agree with the suggestion idea, that wordpress allow some sort of organization. If not, then I guess manually naming files is the way to go.

  10. I don't object to the suggestion. If it is introduced and others find it useful that's cool.

  11. @motorambler: No, raincoaster isn't saying add descriptions (after uploading) or take advantage of some automatic batch process (while uploading). She's saying use descriptive file names. Meaning it helps if the original files you want to upload have characteristic names (instead of, say, numbers).

  12. @Panod
    Well said. That's what I meant as well. My image file names are descriptive eg. greenparrotinflight.jpg instead of 4-6-01666.jpf

  13. arrggh: typo above the last example should read "instead of 4-601666.jpg"

  14. Thanks for all the help offered. Unfortunately I don't have the time required to do this manually. If it was a one-time deal maybe I could stomach it, but it's going to happen to frequently -- I expect to add another couple hundred images from a motorcycle show this weekend. Any recommendations for blogging platforms that allow image managing?

  15. Maybe if you went the self install way with WordPress.ORG and purchased a host you might be able to find a plugin to use for the process your asking about.

    Please ignore this option and refer to this reply -->

  16. I don't bother filling in description, etc. The photographers I know have their digital cameras set to do that automatically. See if yours has this capability.

    I just name the files when I upload them or post them to Flickr.

    I name the file, then basically copy paste that into Caption, Alt Text, and Description. Which in addition to facilitating laziness gives you major search engine juice for searches on those terms!

  17. @t3ck
    Hehe ... I like how you suggest self-hosting is a better and less "life changing" alternative to renaming the image files. The stress from an attempt to self-host nearly ruined me. I never want to go there again! :)

    I handle a lot of images from my shoots so batch-renaming is part of my workflow. But let me tell you the dangers of NOT renaming your files when you're handling many images—you may end up with conflicting image numbers (from a second camera) someday and uploading them to a directory using factory default files isn't recommended. I use a free application to batch rename/resize my images

  18. Hi shimworld, yeah I can easily see how conflicting filenames could be a problem -- hence why I wish to create folders in the Media "Library". I dunno why it's called a library because every library I've ever been to has some sense of order, but I digress...

    I just got back from the Vancouver Motorcycle show with hundreds of shots in the camera. I just wish I could upload them into a folder called 2010 Vancouver Motorcycle Show & be done with it.

  19. @shimworld Thanks for calling me out on that I didn't mean for it to be percieved like that but I did get a good Idea that could help motorambler, from your reply so thank you very much. = )

  20. @motorambler, It's kind of a shame it didn't come to mind sooner but with you can display photos by embedding them via the link option so you could use a 3rd party site that offers storage space with the folder organization options for your images.

    Here is a couple of sites off hand that are free that offer the folder organization option. offers 2GBs of storage for their free account with folder organization option.
    Edit also has a bandwidth limit of 2GB per month for the free account.

    With Adrive you would need to put the photos into a folder first from your computer then upload the folder to their site they allow up to 2GB's of folder file per upload. Adrive offers free 50GB's of storage

    Also here is the documnetation on how to display photos via the link embed option.

    Edit Google sites also offers 10GB's of file storage and has the folder option for more information I recommend checking out this tutorial video

    Again sorry for not thinking about this earlier and hope this option will make your task easier. = )

  21. Thanks t3ck, it's all good. I found an easier solution (well, for me anyways). I downloaded a trial version of Adobe's Lightroom & (re)exported all my images into smaller sizes with custom image names. Thanks again to yourself & shimworld!

  22. You're welcome! motorambler,

  23. Thanks @t3ck for the online storage recommendation. I'm particularly interested in pursuing the Google route.

  24. Some people used to use Google for sound files but for whatever reason that stopped working here awhile ago.

  25. @shimworld You're welcome!!!

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