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    I contribute to a blog in which we use icons at the beginning of each post to represent the categories. The icon PNGs are in my media library but each time i insert them into a post I need to add the Link URL. Is there any way in which an image can be saved in the media library with a default Link URL?

    If so, that would be an immense time saver. Thanks.


    When getting ready to insert the image into the post, but before doing so, put in the URL, and then click the “save all changes at the very bottom of the window. That will save that URL with the image. Then from that point forward the URL should be there.



    Thanks for the advice but I have tried to “save all changes” but when I return to the image the URL Link is blank again. It only works if you save the image with one of the Link URL presets.

    Any other suggestions? Maybe there is a plugin that deals with this issue?


    Afraid not. You will have to paste in the links each time you insert the image.

    You could save the HTML for the linked image to a plain text file on your desktop and then past the code into the post each time you start.

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