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    The one thing that really needs an update, or a plugin for is media management. Something like Enhanced Media Library or even just Media Library Plus – even if it was only on the Personal or Premium plans.

    The blog I need help with is


    Can you tell me more about this suggestion? What features in Enhanced Media Library and Media Library Plus would be the most useful to have in your opinion and why?



    Just any option for sorting and finding images when writing posts would be of benefit. Trying to sort through the photos is very hard when the only sort options seem to be date uploaded. I can’t easily go to a particular day a photo was taken.

    I’ve looked at moving to a self hosted WordPress site, and have installed Enhance Media Library, the categories make it much easier to find images.

    Thanks, Tim.


    Thanks for the feedback!

    To be clear, you particularly like Enhance Media Library because you can create and name your own media folders so you can organize images yourself that way?



    It’s categories, so images can be in multiple categories. But folders would also work. Either set when uploaded to a specific date, or even just uploaded date would help.

    Anything to assist searching through hundreds and hundreds of images.


    I appreciate the feedback. Thank you again.

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