How do I add a media player to my blog?

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    When I had my blog at Windows Live Spaces I could add a media player where I could link my “music for the day” in this player and people who visited my site heard the music immediately coming in to see and hear my “news”. Do you have a similar widget?

    But I also payed for a larger “sky drive” (which was separated from the media player), but that cost was not included when they moved my blog. That is bad, too!

    Sorry, I have to complain, but these things with the music is the most important for me since I am a music teacher and I want to give many examples with my music.

    Yours Sincerely, Camilla
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    Hi Camilla,

    We do offer a way to add a media player to your blog. Please see:

    Any upgrades that you purchased through Microsoft for your Windows Live Spaces site are not transferred to You still have access to Microsoft’s Sky Drive service, but that is a separate service from and cannot be used with your blog.

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