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    I just imported my music blog from blogger to I have hundreds of audio files in each post that I have on my server. I want to create a separate playlist for each post so the viewer can click once and play all the songs in that post. I’d love to find a media player that does this automatically (Yahoo Web Player worked well but was shut down).

    The blog I need help with is




    Thanks timethief. These are promising. That’s why I started switching over to WordPress. There seem to be more options like these. If I can figure out how to embed the shortcode for the 8track player, it may work for some posts, but not all. I think each playlist needs to be at least 8 songs. Many of mine would be shorter.

    I’m using a WP hosted .com site, so maybe my question is more basic. Do I need to switch to a self-hosted WP site to be able to use other plug-ins?

    I’ve had this site going on Blogger for a few years and I have about 1000 songs already uploaded to my server and linked in my posts. Ideally, I’d like the player to do the work of grabbing the unique songs from each post that is being viewed. For example, if someone is reading my “Surfin’ Bird” Post,, the player would automatically create a playlist from the 24 different versions of that song that are linked in that post. The Yahoo WebPlayer even put a little “play” button in front of each song and played linked YouTube videos right in the same playlist. All I had to do was paste a single line of code in the sidebar of my blog. I didn’t have to define a pathway to each song.

    Another audio player that looks promising is PodLove: But I can’t figure out how to get it into my site.

    Any suggestions about what direction I should take would be helpful.



    It seems Yahoo changed the code without announcing it. Here’s the fix:

    Everything is up and running again after pulling my hair out for a week.

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