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    Want to find out why my media is disappearing ?

    The blog I need help with is



    Could someone please tell me why my media is disappearing and being replaced with question marks. I spend hours and hours reposting on my blog!



    I´ve got the same problem with older entries. All my media has disappeared and there´s only question marks to see!?!?! Very strange!
    can someone help me/us?
    Our blog is


    I visited both of your sites and believe I am seeing your media on the pages/posts I have gone to. Opvei, I clicked on your archive for October 2011 and see images there.

    What browsers are you using? Have you cleared cache?

    If clearing cache does not help, please give the URLs to the pages/posts where you see the question marks, so this can be looked into further.



    If you look at my post for June 18, 2012 you will see 2 question marks where there used to be a media upload. (Man of the Tombs ) I spend hours reposting things so usually there are many more .


    Is this the link to verify I am looking at the right thing?

    I see no question marks, but it does look like one image might be missing as I see only text: “Basket with verse”. I am creating a screenshot and putting it into my files for you to see what I see on my browser. I am using Firefox 23.0.1

    You have not deleted any images from your Media Library have you? If you delete them there, they will be removed from your blog.



    Does this help you? OMG! My images are gone

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