media size is less than column size.

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    I am currently redoing my whole website (read: it’s currently a mess)

    I am using a new theme, mckinley, and am having some some issues and I can’t find a good workaround short of purchasing the css upgrade. I would rather keep this site free.

    The root problem I have discovered is that the theme’s default media width is only 604px, but the text column is 700px. The full column width is 1000px. First, I tried uploading a picture after adjusting my default image sizes (large 700×1200, medium 350×600, thumbnail 175×300) and tried to put it into a page using the large size, but the large size in the add media panel only shows 604px for the width– not 700px. That lead me to two solutions:

    1. Center the image, and have it be a reduced width from my text. Not ideal, but it will work I guess.

    2. I could import my images in the large size (604px), and then in the text editor, adjust the width to 700px. Lots of extra work when compounded over how many images I plan to upload, but it looks how I want it.

    Okay, so two annoying solutions to the basic problem. But then what about if I want to use a gallery. Here is where things really get annoying.

    I have don’t have any control over the width or alignment of any galleries. When I use the tiled thumbnails, it is centered and looks okay (though still only the 604px). But if I adjust the size of the images in the short code or use one of the jetpack galleries, the gallery is then left aligned and stupid looking. I tried putting class=”aligncenter” into the gallery shortcode, but it made no change.

    So is there any way to adjust the default content size to match the text at 700px wide without having to pay for the css editor? This is actually what makes the most sense, and it makes the entire centering issue moot. Or is there a work around I don’t see to at the very least be able to center the gallery?

    The blog I need help with is



    a) The default widths you set for the thumbnail, medium and large options cannot exceed or override the max width for the full-size option.

    b) The 604 for the full-size option is set in the PHP of the theme, not its CSS (the CSS correctly specifies 100% max width for images), so if you use code in the Text editor to widen the images you won’t get a real 700px wide version, you’ll get the 604 version blown up, i.e. poor quality.

    c) Setting the max width to almost 100px lower than the width of the content isn’t reasonable (it might make sense for centered images only). Mckinley is based on Twenty Thirteen. Twenty Thirteen has 604 for image and content width. So my guess is that whoever turned the latter to 700px on Mckinley simply forgot to adjust the former too. I’m tagging this for staff attention.

    d) In the meantime you can center your galleries this way:

    <div style="width:604px;float:none;margin:auto;">

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