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    I have just uploaded a number of images to be used on my blog.

    After uploading, I edited them directly from within the Upload New Media page, by clicking on the Edit link against each image. I gave them titles, added copyright in the caption area, and added some text in the Description box but only for some images and saved the changes using the Update button. These are all Unattached files.

    I then clicked onto the View Attachment Page against the image and saw that it looked like an actual post, but without tags and date of posting.

    I then created a couple of empty Draft posts with appropriate titles to be the same as the edited Unattached image files. I opened a draft post and inserted the appropriately titled image, hoping all the information I had input against that image would also appear within the post, in the appropriate places within the draft post. Unfortunately, that did not occur.

    My question is: How can I turn an image Attachment Page into a Draft Post, without my need to create a Draft post first, and then to just add category, tags. This could then be scheduled/published later.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there – There isn’t a way to do this, but you can attach unattached images to posts directly from the Media Library by clicking the Attach link next to them.

    You’ll still have to create posts for them, though, and insert them in the posts.

    You can also attach them all to one post and create a gallery, which can then be clicked through like this one:

    Finally, Spun supports the Image post format for highlighting single images. It looks like this:

    You can read more about post formats here:
    Post Formats



    Thank you, eurello, for your quick respone, though it is in the negative.

    I appreciate that the preparation I have given my latest uploaded images ready them to be used in Gallery posts, and that is a future consideration.

    Of course, what I am able to do, when creating a new Draft post, is to access that detailed information, especially in the Description box, which can be copied and be used as the text for my posts.

    Captions details automatically get input when inserting an image into a post. That is why I had hoped the information within the Description box could also be input automatically. Surely, it must only be one little step to do that, or maybe two?

    Is it possible that at some future stage, the WordPress engineers may work on items customers actually want to see being made available, and which could be exactly like what I need, as described herein? Therefore, would you please transfer this post to the Ideas Forum for me? Thank you so much, eurello.



    What you want exists, at a price, for blogs.



    Image Descriptions are visible in the Image Photo Carousel or the Attachment page once the image is inserted in a post or page, depending on what you link to as a part of the image insertion process.

    Interestingly Attachment pages are considered posts in the full standalone WordPress program, as rain pointed out. But that won’t help you here on



    Hi Janina – Sure thing, I will move this to ideas. :)



    Thanks, eurello! Cheers…. :)

    raincoaster: Aahh, what price love? I know life costs, but, then, I already pay: by having a domain name, for which I pay a fee for the name and also the annual platform use renewal to WP. Now, how much is that….I’ll have to wrack my brain — somewhere in the order of USD50 p.a., now, I think. That’s very good value for a solid blogging platform. How much would I have to pay to get just that one little extra to automatically turn those edited images in my Media Library into lovely actual posts? I have no desire to go and no need!

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