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Media Upgrade Complaint: "Random" option missing from media gallery

  1. My comments refer to this page and two others like it:

    Since yesterday's upgrade, I can no longer have thumbnails randomly appear in the galleries I've created.

    Here's the problem: The thumbnails are of flyers for different programs and events. Having them randomly appear in the gallery ensures that one program doesn't seem to be receiving preferential publicity.

    With the elimination of the Random option, I now have to manually rearrange the thumbnails - which is a totaly waste of my time and energy.

    Am I doing something wrong? Am I overlooking an option?

    I also dislike not being able to see a list of the thumbnails' file names. I date the file names so that I can easily determine when a thumbnail needs to be removed from the gallery. Having to click on each thumbnail adds an extra step to the process.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. While I cannot address all your comments, you can still see the thumbnail file names and the dates they were uploaded to your site if you browse the files directly via Dashboard>Media>Library and not via a post or page.

  3. Thanks for the suggestion. I'm aware of that option, but - like others have said earlier posts - it adds another step to the process.

  4. Agreed, but that's all there is right now.

    Personally lamenting the loss of the Description field in the Media Uploader. Creates another step for me as well, as I can only add them now through the Media Library.

  5. Didn't even get that far, I was so annoyed with lack of "random"

    I second your lament.

  6. If you are comfortable playing in the Text tab of the Post Editor, you can add orderby="rand" to your Gallery shortcode, so that it would look like this
    [gallery orderby="rand"]

    And thinking about this, the new method shouldn't mess up older, existing posts, only the new ones. "-)

  7. Thanks! I'll try that. Looking at the forum, it seems as if a lot of people aren't happy with the "improvement".

  8. Thanks Ryan. Any hope this will be implemented in the near future? /fingerscrossed

  9. Thanks to everyone for reporting the missing randomization option. It should be restored to the gallery in a future update and I'll keep you posted here.

  10. Any hope for a return of image descriptions? Their removal from the Image Uploader makes adding these to the Image Carousel or Attachment pages an extra step now needing to be done via the Media Library directly.

  11. nao gostei da atualização.... tenho como reverter para versão anterior ?

  12. pedrinhoaguiar - sorry, it's not possible to revert to the old version. If you find a particular problem with the new way images are handled, please feel free to post it in the forum.

  13. justjennifer - I understand what you mean about image descriptions and have brought this to our developers for consideration in the next round of updates.

  14. Thanks Happiness Engineers and Staff for considering all of our comments and suggestions.

    Perhaps an update that includes randomization and descriptions as an early Hanukkah/Christmas/Kwanzaa gift to us all? :-)

  15. Yay! Thank you for bringing back the image Description field to the Media uploader.

    Hope the dust settles soon for everyone.

  16. The ability to the following within galleries should now be possible:

    • reorder images
    • randomize their order
    • reverse their order
  17. @kathrynwp - Thanks so much!

    I do have a question. Do I assume correctly that one can still switch to the Text Editor and use the "orderby" parameter for the earlier options?

  18. justjennifer - I believe you can, but if you find it's not working as you expect, please let me know.

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