Media Uplaoding – Three (maybe four) steps back

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    Wow – I’m speechless. This new media uploader is really, really bad. Not just different, but bad. Typically I will upload a pdf, then use its url and insert the hyperlink in my post. Pretty simple process – or, it used to be. Today I clicked on the innocuous little camera icon, was taken to a huge but useless page with dead links, then opted for the borwser uploader for large files, had to upload from that but it gave me no access to the URL, then had to copy the link to the documents page, then follow that link, then find the document on the page and copy that link, then inserted that link into my post!!!! Hoping against hope that this is a temporary glitch. I haven’t even TRIED to do a photo since the update…

    The blog I need help with is



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