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meebo chat

  1. Well I'm still at it. Trying to make WordPress a go for me. I saw the Meebo widget and thought it could be cool but it won't let me get past the username password stage. It keeps telling me to check it yet not what I'm supposed to be checking it for. I just can't get beyond it.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi. was there something there I missed because that's where I started?

  3. I'm making progress. Thanks for your reply. I understand because of the way I started here that you may be reluctant to interact with me. I understand. Please understand that I have sever well, shall I say conditions, that make it very hard for me to do things of this nature. It doesn't come easily for me and in addition if that weren't enough, I seem to have the worst of luck with technical things and devices. Oh well, I just have to keep plugging along as best I can. I am going to have to make my mistakes and take this a little bite at a time.


  4. I think I got it to work. I was chatting with myself there for a bit. lol. Just to test it. Do you happen to know if you can redesign the look of it after you've already installed it on the widget or would you have to start all over?

  5. So we can close this one I guess. In case I wasn't clear in the above entry I do wish to applogize for my short temper the last we spoke. That was my bad. I'm going to try my best to stay with WP

  6. I was in a hurry yesterday and having trouble with my vision. That is why I only posted the link. I assume one has to customize the widget first in order for those customizations to be manifest in the code that one gets from Meebo.

  7. no worries. I hope you made note of my apology for it was sincere. I'm getting better at this but I'm really not doing code I'm just finding workarounds which are OK for now but I imagine when I get to some of my more complex formatted writes I'm going to run up on a brick wall.

    I'm not worried about the look of the meebo but it dose work. Not that anyone is going to be using it.

    Hope your vision thing isn't as serious as George's was ;)

  8. I did note your apology. Happy blogging.

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