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Meebo Widget not connecting?

  1. I just installed the meebo widget on my blog. It's stuck in 'checking status' mode and won't connect. On my meebo account I am automatically signed into AIM, GTALK, Yahoo and MSN. Does the meebo widget need to sign into a different client in order to connect on my wordpress blog? Any help would be appreciated. You can go to my blog and see what I am talking about, I'm at work so i'm logged in all dday from 9-5 so ideally, it should connect.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. its connecting for me, it took like 3 seconds for it to connect so maybe you should be more patient O_O

  3. oh no i've waited for like 20 minutes...maybe the initial start up takes a bit to configure. But if its working for other people than I suppose all is well. Thanks for checking on this for me and confirming :)

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