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Meebo Widget Not Displaying

  1. Hello Everyone,

    I am refering to the new meebo widget. I am using Light 1.0. All the widget code gets stripped out. Anyone has a clue ??

    Thanks for the help!

  2. Link by the way in case folks are wondering what he's talking about.

    Looking at your page source, it says you're adding the code to a text widget. That's for those who are not hosted here on There is a Meebo widget in there. Have you tried it yet?

  3. @drmike
    I followed the instructions, dragged dropped and configured the meebo widgets we were provided with. You can see them here and here

  4. Just verified that the meebo widget does display in it's source code that it is the Meebo widget. The one that you used was a text widget.

    Have it working on my test site.

    Don't know how I feel though about telling my clients to use it in a text widget though. I thought they removed embed tags.

  5. *chuckle* Just had a scary thought. Granted I can't see who specifically is visiting my site, I can see though how many folks are on it currently. :)

    Is that a plus or a minus?

  6. TT, yours looks fine. :)

  7. So out of all this discussion, how can I get the widget work on mine ?

    Anyone please?

  8. dashboard -> presentation -> sidebar wdigets

    drag and drop the meebo widget from the available widgets into your sidebar

    open it click on the link "go get html code" go to the meembo site register copy and past the code into the widget save the widget click "save changes"

  9. Like drmike said before, the HTML code needs to be inserted into the Meebo widget, which you can find through DASHBOARD > PRESENTATION > SIDEBAR WIDGETS. Move the Meeboo widget to whatever placement you like, click the text icon on the widget, and enter the code exactly as is given to you through

    I'll be interested to see how many people have problems with intermittent service using the widget. It often says I'm "offline" even when I'm "on."

    While this thread is about getting the widget to work, I'd just like to mention that any bugs with the MeeboMe widget should be directed to the people at the Meebo forums.

  10. Yo have to login with the Meebo service and plug in your IM account for it to show up as you being online.

    Could have sworn I wrote that bennis was using the wrong widget...

  11. @drmike
    Yes you did say this and yes he/she got the same instructions twice. I ditched both meembome widgets. The one on coyotes was wrongly saying I was offline when I was online. The one on timethief was correctly saying I was online when I was online. But signing off and on proved to be something I couldn't accomplish.
    P.S. I don't know what an IM account is.
    Whatever is said in the meebome isn't a blog comment right?

  12. Thanks a million guys! I didn't realize added a whole new widget for meebo! I was pasting the code in a Text widget. Got it working now. Thx

  13. I really likes this widget, unfortunately the site really slow for me (dont know for everyone else) so i cant access it although i've already set it up properly on my blogs

  14. same problem here, but this is obviously a meebo problem. the first i logged in there was no problems but just now, i couldn't and my connection, despite being on dialup is fine.

  15. Note that it downloads what appears to be a fairly large Flash program when you access the Meebo website (ie not when you display the widget on your site but when you actually log in) Took about 12 seconds to load here on what I believe is a DS-3 line. (45Mb) Loaded fairly quickly when I was up at UNCC last night but they have a pair of OC-192's (10Gb x 2) into the school.

    I can't see how big the flash file is here (Can't view the PC's cache) but that's probably why it's slow to load.

  16. I just logged in to meebo on my coyotes meebo. typed in my username and password. It says I'm online so now what? I don't really understand how it works.

  17. It will say you're logged in on your coyotes meebo widget. Just checked and it says you're there. :)

  18. Okay but suppose someone does type me a message. How do I answer it? Where do I type the answer? Do I have to leave a tab open back to meebo all the time after I've signed in?
    Could you please send me a message and walk me through receiving and answering it?

  19. If you're signed into Meemo, you should get a little square on your screen showing you your message.

  20. I dragged and dropped my meembo widget off my blog sidebar back into the available widgets. Chat doesn't cut it as a commentary. Also while I'm working on my blogs I do not really want to live chat. I'd rather have people leave written comments that I can moderate. Lastly I had to keep a tab open continously for meebo messaging. Perhaps if there was a prompting thingee on my firefox browser I might feel differently. But for now don't meebo me is where I'm at.

  21. I'm seeing pluses and minuses on it. There's no real way to block spam or annoying users (From their forums, it looks like to have to log into the service you're using and block them there.)

    I did help some folks on one of my sites with it though this afternoon. :)

  22. I'm going ahead and removing Meemo from my websites. I attempted to file a fairly serious bug report with their team today and it was met with some rather insulting comments from their unoffical support staff. I can not support a product or company that does such a thing and I'm going to encourage others to do so likewise.

    Matt and crew, please forgive me for making such a statement but I can not allow this to go by me. I can not support such a product that goes on about how they want and encourage community support but hold such report in so little regard.

    Thank you for your time,

  23. BUG - they ignored a BUG report please remove this drmike - i goofed and just lost it

  24. here's a question: i put the meebo tag in the widget just fine... however, i messed up and forgot to add a widget title. there is no way to get into the widget and edit it after it's added to my blog. i assumed that meant that i could just place the new tag into the same box and it would replace the old one...

    i was wrong. now, if i try to place the meebo widget on my blog, the whole sidebar of widgets dies. i would very much like to use this widget as i use meebo at work.

    any thoughts on how to clear out the meebo tag data and start over?

  25. yeah, never mind... i got it worked out.

  26. I activated the meebo plugin, but I don't have a widget. Do I need to add the code: "<?php if (function_exists('echo_meebome')) echo_meebome(); ?>" somewhere in my template to enable the widget to show up or something?

  27. Plug-in ? pHp? OOPS! You seem to be in the wrong place. And not only that but you have posted in two different threads on this. is a MU (multi-user) blogging platform. We run on a different code base than the version you can download from and you will get different answers to your questions here. The forum for self hosted and web hosted wordpress blogs is located over here You may want to take a few moments and read this description about the different versions of WordPress software posted in a pink "read me first" sticky at the head of this forum. Happy blogging! :)

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