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    How do I make my blog private – “for members only”?



    How do you mean “private,” is it not to be seen and accessed on the net with the exception of those you allow, or private in the sense that only people you designate can comment on it?



    Hmmm… in looking at your opening post:

    I hope you enjoy your experience on Triad Mates! Remember Triad Mates is Members Only! DO NOT SHARE THIS WITH ANYONE – you paid for the membership, so remember it’s for your eyes only. Thank You and Enjoy!

    it would appear you don’t want anyone to have access except those that have paid you a fee.

    You may be treading on mighty shaky legal ground guy, or gal. I’m no lawyer but to use a free service, and its bandwidth, for a private money making enterprise at best has moral issues and may have legal ones as well.

    Maybe someone else with more knowledge can weigh in with their thoughts.



    Simple enough. Password protect all your posts and make sure that only your members recieve the passwords. Ofcourse this still can make them share the password with someone else.

    The best possible idea for you would be to use a Php-Nuke or forum like system where only registered users can login and view.



    Best bet would be to get paid hosting and set up a password protected subdirectory. Either that or do a phpBB install, make signups by invite only and make everything visable for signed in visitors only.

    But as above, people’s passwords can be exchanged…



    Ah-ha, I just noted the para I quoted from Triadmates is now gone – poof – dust in the wind.

    Maybe second thoughts are occuring over free bandwidth equals money in their pocket!

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