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Men !! useless and a lost case

  1. AX my problem that i dont hate men, i wish if i did!
    my problem is thati cant find any decent men.
    my best friend who is a guy told me that good men are allready taking, handsome men are gay and only freaks left behind.
    P.S i have nothing against gay guys just wondering why the heck should they be god dam hot!!

    so am i going to be happy with a freak!! nah
    i cant blame them totally, its not their fault they have two heads how can i expect them to think straight!!

    so as me being disaapinted i thought a nice thread where i can slag guys off is such a releave.

    so dont hold back, if you have something nasty to say go a head. :D

    The blog I need help with is

  2. i believe there are good men out there its only that you have to be prepared to go through a whole lot of freaks to get to the one who is almost what you want in a man because you will not find a perfect one.

  3. Why do guys have to be such pigs?! They have 1 girlfriend but then they cheat on them with another! And don't give me that crap about instinct and cave men did it that way! I just want a good guy! Why are all the hot guys gay or a bad guy!?

  4. Maybe trying to find a man based on how "hot" he is, is not the right way to go about things. That may be why you end up finding a lot of assholes who have been told all their life how good looking they are, and have learned how to use it to their advantage.

    However, being fond of and affectionate toward someone's personality usually ends up with a much more pleasing outcome--there are tons of great guys out there, who are funny, intelligent, caring, and adorable!

    But then I am one of those people who can find a million attractive features in a good person, and none whatsoever in an asshole.

  5. There are decent men out there. I know because I'm one of them. I don't do the whole, "bad boy" thing. I don't believe in sleeping around and playing with a person's emotions and I think a relationship should be based on trust, respect, communication, etc. I'm also straight. I'm not a lone example either. There are plenty of guys I know who are just like me. They also are not the types to mess with a girl's heart or hurt her.

    The thing is that you have to keep looking and not start thinking that all men are bad just because you may have had some bad experiences or that you haven't encountered anyone yet. There are plenty of us nice guys floating around out there and we're not all taken. Though perhaps we are shy which makes us a bit more difficult to spot. In any case, keep looking and don't paint the whole male species with a broad, vituperative brush.

  6. @blocktherapy: I know that looks aren't everything, but they sure do help sometimes. I am sorry I guilty of liking the eye candy. :D But yeah, you're right usually hot guys are the biggest assholes you'll ever meet...

  7. Hmm.. I think a lot to do with it is where you look.

    What I would advise is to hang out at places where educated men or college students hang out (depends on your age lol.)

    Libraries, book clubs are always good places to start.. and I think that girls should be proactive towards approaching guys as well, so go for what you like .. waiting around for something to come really doesn't get you anything (just my opinion) ;o)

    I wish you much success in your "mate-searching" hehe..

    -Baba. :o)

  8. i also think some women have some sort of a list of qualities they want in a man so maybe sometimes we need to compromise and i know some dont want to just settle for anything less but these are men we are talking about and im yet to hear of a perfect man anywhere in this world.

  9. Good, hot men only date women who punctuate correctly.

    It's True. It's a FACT.

  10. lol

  11. From personal experience, I think men can literally smell desperation on women. I'm not talking about the dramatic desperation you see on TV. But more along the lines of men want women that don't want them. So, if a woman heads out specifically to meet a guy, guys will notice that. But if the same woman is heading out just to enjoy herself (and actually does) guys will notice that too.

    They're almost more likely to want to be with a girl that knows how to have fun without a guy. That way they know they won't be trapped in a relationship where they have to do all the heavy lifting.

    My current boyfriend and I met at a friend's birthday party. He didn't say a word to me that night, but I left an impression because I was enjoying myself. Guys are always going to be little kids at heart. They are attracted to fun.

    So basically, if you want a good, good-looking man. Don't go looking for him, let him come find you; and he definitely will if you're enjoying yourself and living life on your terms.

  12. My advice to you is to just become a nun.

  13. Lianamerlo-- or go gay !! at least i get the hot checks haha "just kidding"

    but really what is the chances now a days to find MR RIGHT !!

    MR RIGHT is a complete fantasy.

    being realistic, finding a decent guy who have the looks is like finding a unicorn !

  14. Girls, what do you think of a man who is particular about how a woman punctuates????? What is this world coming to???I thought there was hope for these men of ours, but thank you raincoaster for getting me out of this is my punctuation???

  15. HAHAHA!! Puncuation? No, it's not the puncuation he's looking at. it's how far done your shirt goes when you bend over to write/type the puncuation.

  16. I'm in total agreement with the men in this thread. The first thing you need to do is let go of this idea that you have that the good guy doesn't exist. You'll never find him if you continue to think he's a figment of your imagination. Mr. Right is not going to put time into a relationship with a girl who believes he isn't real.
    And when you find Mr. Right, he'll be absolutely gorgeous. Just like he'll think you're the most beautiful creature on earth. Because that's the way it works.

  17. Try looking overseas.. like France, Italy or something lol.

    Ooh, ya and make sure you dress like a knockout but tastefully though.

    -Baba. ;o)

  18. @raincoaster
    @shesboxingclever --

    Can you imagine the backlash if a man had started this thread about women? With that title? And commenters responding with "women are pigs?"

    It's the 21st century, ladies. Take some responsibility for the people you're meeting.

  19. Or, rather -- The way you're meeting people and how you present yourself to them.

    (really need to review before I post sometimes...)

  20. Lol take it easy beasy people!! no one said men have to die, i guess as clear from the aboe we all love men !! as long as you straight you will love them and hate them..

    dont be all dramatic... it isnt men vs women debate, the thread was just a relieve, if ya have something nasty to say go head if not dont even bother its not gonna be a debate..!! its simple...

    and for a serious note --- some girls no matter how beautiful , smart and caring they are end up with assholes, not because they choose wrong but because "the not-allready takin men" are ASSHOLES

  21. @blisterina--Exactly.

    @madness--What we're trying to tell you, in a polite, round-about, non-agressive way, is that maybe, just maybe, you find nothing but assholes because your attitude and approach to the whole situation just plain sucks. It's got nothing to do with the good guys all being taken, it's got to do with the apparent (to all of us at least) lack of respect you're portraying on the issue. Knock the chip off your shoulder and you might have better luck. Just an opinion, not looking for a fight, you brought it up and we responded.

  22. hhaha , i work from 8am to 6 pm my chances to go out so i can socialize with guys are below %5 ! you seem to be getting me wrong the whole thread was on the sarcastic side !! and you might be right, may be im looking in the wrong places but it have nothing to do with my attitude or my respect for my self OR for guys!!

    and as a fact GOOD LOOKING GIRLS have lots of options..

    its very easy to get a guy!! but if its ok just to be with any guy problem will be solve.

    what about special guys, guys who will love you more than football and playstation..

    and i also know that there is good guys but they are allready taken,

    and based on where i live, culture have a big thing to do with this issue ass all greek and cypriot men get married in their 20`s,

    and all British men are mostly alcoholics "FACT",

    i live in a holiday desination , you dont find good guys here, there is only young boys who have no so what ever respect for females "as they grow up thinking a man is the master" ,

    no one wanna fight here, i understand everyone have their openion but being totally REALISTIC i live in the island of assholes...!!

    "the only good thing is they all god dam good looking hahaha"


  23. dreamlivedream

    Lower your standards and just settle for some git.
    It seems to be the latest craze with all the girls I know.

    Seriously, it's pathetic. I'd rather die alone, and happy, and even if I'm called 'Crazy Aunt Kelly', I would much prefer that than settling.

    PS I know plenty of guys that are having the same issues! Can't meet girls that can put a sentence together, all the good ones taken... Same story.

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