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Men, Women, and Sex!

  1. Sarah Silverman is fucking Matt Damon anyway.

  2. Jee-suz!

  3. Rain, I want a song too.

  4. From what I understand, you have to sleep with Jimmy Kimmel. It's not worth it.

  5. Wait a minute. For a Sarah Silverman Song (and hopefully Sex) I have to be the sorry ass of Kimmel's jokes. Fine with me.

  6. Delta, something wrong with your brain man? Unsatisfactory sex service you had maybe? LOL.

  7. My sex life is fine. But your tasteā€¦ ;-)

  8. You'll take Jimmy Kimmel's sloppy seconds? You're not entitled to talk about taste, then!

  9. Yeah right. I think so, Rain.

  10. Well... we live different lives, have different taste. I'd fuck Marylin Manson anyway, or even Nick Carter... for publicity.

  11. What have you been sniffing Yella, methane?

    I'd lay someone like Jennifer Gardner or Sania Twain for your case, you know, publicity's sake.

  12. Sex life is perfectly normal at the moment.

    But my fantasies are sex with Morgan Webb [X-Play Host on G4 TV] or Catherine Bell [Actress who plays in JAG tv show].

  13. ooo... Fantasies...

  14. Wild as wild as berries ...

  15. Hey! Mikaandjade came back, but didn't answer my question mark to the Keanu choice.

    Rain and Delta. You both crack me up.

  16. Ok, Fracas. Yes Keanu Reaves... because he's very sexy to me. I have a wild imagination so say something and I think of it right away and tweak it to fit my personality. When I saw a picture of Keanu Reaves, I saw a bed- but we weren't in it... he was "pumping" me from the back and I was holding on to a dresser for dear life! Now that's hot. But I just couldn't stay with him because his horrible acting would annoy me!
    Answer your question?!

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