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  1. Meneame is a plugin for WordPress who allows you to send a post for its publication in Menéame or to vote for someone already published from the same blog of origin, that is to say from your own blog.

  2. Sorry if I seem rude, but why would 99% of care? This is really kinda a niche plugin.
    If we start getting new plugins soon, I'd rather they be useful to at least 20% of the population. ;-)

  3. Meneame is a spanish language Digg lookalike. Since Matt mentioned spanish was the second language in after chinese, it actually may be interesting for at least 20% of the population... 8-)

    For the record, I requested the plugin a while back, so I second the motion...

  4. I don't use Meneame or speak English; but I support plugins to help other languages get use out of

  5. I dunno... I guess I'd just rather we got plugins that'd let us do things we can't do by hand. Like Gravatars, or Adhesive.

  6. It would be great for spanish people (like me) that this plugin will be added.

  7. Meneame is the most important social network in spanish. The widget should be available for as it is the delicious one.

  8. Please note that if he widget is an iframe, contains a form or is in javascript or includes flash it will not be approved.

    Also note that plugins cannot be used on individual blogs

    If the above noted are not at issue, then please send your request into staff during support hours (weekdays 9 - 5 PM) using this link

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