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Menu and categories

  1. victoriabardiau

    I created a MENU with some categories in it. But i can't add other categories. How should I proceed?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Could you please let me know what happens when you try to add another category to the menu? I just tested it on your blog and it worked fine for me: I went to your "Find It" menu, clicked "View All" under Categories, added the "Style" category, saved the menu and "Style" showed up in the navigation menu on the home page. I then reverted the changes. If you could let me know the steps you take, I'll be happy to test and troubleshoot further for you!

  3. victoriabardiau

    I could find the category problem ! Thank you very much !

    But now I can't figure out how to make my "contact it" and "about it" link. I want a description of how to contact me and something about myself.
    Yesterday it was working, and now i can't make it work again...

    Thank you in advance :-)

  4. You need to create pages that correspond to your menu items, or make sure the appropriate URLs exist.

    You don't currently have a "Contact" page, although you point to from your navigation menu. You can create a page via Pages > Add New and then add a Contact Form to it.

    Similarly, you can create an "About" page from Pages > Add New.

  5. victoriabardiau

    I'll try to do that ! Thank you very much.

    I sill can't find out how to add a picture above the 4 short columns on my home page.

    I'd like to have it like here :

    How can I do the same as her, under the columns she has a "short" description of the article, then you have to click on it to read it totally.

    Thank you SO much.


  6. I sill can't find out how to add a picture above the 4 short columns on my home page.

    You are using the Forevertheme. On the homepage, posts with Featured Images assigned will display with the excerpt, whereas posts without Featured Images will display the full content. You can always shorten full-content posts using the More Tag. So if you want the images and excerpts on the homepage, you need to set Featured Images for your posts.

    The Forever theme page has more tips and tricks on using the theme:

  7. victoriabardiau

    Hi Jenia,

    Everything went fine ! Could put a picture on top :-)
    BUT now i cannot click on the categories on my menu
    "Discover it - pop it- rock it - art it - like it - ...."
    None of the categories clicks work.. Only the pages and the link...
    How does this come?
    Thank you so much for your help !

  8. Did you create the categories after you created the custom menu, or did you rename the categories after you created the custom menu? That could be the cause of the issue.

    Here is how to fix: go under Appearance > Menus to edit your "Find It" menu. From the "Categories" area, pick again the ones you'd like to add to the navigation menu (you can customize the titles, .e.g. "POP IT" instead of "Pop it"), delete the menu items that don't work (if you expand them, you'd see that there is nothing shown in the "Original" field -- that's the hint that it's not working), then save your menu again.

  9. victoriabardiau

    Hello Jeania! thank you so much for all the help ! It has been very useful !

    Though, I have another question...

    I'm trying to put badges to my blog. I have the code but I really don't know and don't understand the explanations on the wordpress help.
    Maybe, you could try it for me? or do it for me?

    Thank you sooooo much !


  10. Hi Victoria, I'm glad to help. For badges, it depends on the code in question. Certain types of code, e.g. javascript and iframe, are not allowed on for security reasons. You can find out more information here:

    If it is HTML code, then you can enter it into a text widget:

    Let me know if you are still having trouble with badges code. If you have any other questions, please create open a new support request so that it's easier to organize the answers:

    Thanks and good luck with your blog!

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