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    Okay- I’ve read lots of training and links- and for some crazy reason, I can’t seem to get my words to show up in the menu along the bottom of my header.

    I would like to have 4 pages (or menu items), in addition to my main page. Do I understand this correctly- that these “pages” can house categories to store my posts that will have already appeared on my main page? So by using the navigation menu- I won’t have to use categories in the sidebar?

    So if I have a post on my main page about puppies and categorize it with the name puppies- and then place it under the page in the menu entitled puppies- does all that work out?

    Thanks very much.

    The blog I need help with is


    What you want to do is to create a custom menu and then you can add actual categories to it as well as pages, posts, custom links etc. They are very flexible.


    we are new comer, how to make : preview in right side…..??




    @ifulnuri2011: You are talking about the “Preview” button that appears on the right when you are editing a post or a page? It should be there. Try emptying your cache memory and deleting your cookies.

    If that does not help, please create a new topic:



    Thank you for your reply. I think I’m confused. I have been to the page you have suggested (a few times actually:) Here is what is in my imagination:
    I will have four “pages,” which will appear in my menu bar under my header. From there visitors will be able to navigate to see posts of a specific type which I have there. For instance, in my menu you might find Labrador, Doberman, Poodle- I would regularly post on these subjects and a person could navigate to read only Poodle articles by clicking on “Poodle” in my menu bar. I would also like to have a different look on that page (header, background etc.)

    When I went to menu- I created four menus, (even though the page says my theme has one), thinking that I could then create categories or pages to be associated with each and that by doing this, I would see the words in my menu bar under my header. From there, I can’t seem to be a way to create a new category, there is a default ‘uncategorized.’ I have read about menus, pages, and the difference between posts and pages, but I’m still confused.
    When I go to “pages” it looks like I can make a title- but then there is a text box and a publish button.
    Appreciate any help!


    a) You’re confusing the top nav menu (the whole set of tabs) with the menu items (each tab).
    b) You can’t create a menu consisting of non-existent items: first you publish posts and assign them to the right categories, or at least create the categories in Posts>Categories, then you create the menu (Appearance>Menus: create a menu, title it, select the categories from the Categories module, add them to the menu, save menu, select it from the pulldown in the Theme Locations module, save).



    Thanks very much for your help.



    I have an issue with I’m creating the “Main Menu” in the Menus. No matter how I added the ‘categories’ that I want to show in “Main Menu’ , its taking all the ‘categories’ . I have 20 ‘categories’ and its cluttered all the way in the “Main Menu”. Even I select nothing its still taking all the categories.

    Any one has this issue?


    We can’t help without a lin to the blog you are talking about. We have to be able to see it.



    And please don’t ask the same question three times. It just wastes the volunteers’ time.



    @raincoaster what do you mean 3 times? I just posted my question once

    here is my link,

    in the ‘Main Menu’ all of my categories are coming, no matter how I filter or remove them its still coming. The ‘Main Menu’ in the Menus is not working on me, I’m using wordpress.3.1.1. Need your help please.



    @cyianite: So you have a WordPress.ORG blog and you’re on the wrong forum. Go to

    Just before you leave us, click on top of the forums, where it says “Welcome, cyanite”. You’ll see a list of all threads you posted in…

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