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Menu and Customization help

  1. itspreciousfrazier

    I am currently using the wordpress theme "fresh and clean". This theme only supports one menu. If I upgrade to pro, will I be able to have more than one menu with this theme? Also, does the pro upgrade include customization (like customized fonts?)

  2. No

  3. The no above was the answer to "will I be able to have more than one menu with this theme?"
    Currently the $99 Value Bundle includes a 1 year subscription to:
    Domain Name & Mapping
    Space Upgrade
    No Ads
    Custom Design

  4. It's important to know that all upgrades can be purchased individually and you will find the details here >

    It's also important to know that there is no upgrade you can purchase for a blogs that changes anything stated here >

  5. It's also important to be clear about the "one menu" thing. Supports only one menu means one set of tabs in the header area. But each one of these tabs can have its own dropdown, plus you can add as many menus as you like in the sidebar. See here as well:

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