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    In Firefox; not in IE. Using Andreus09 theme

    For the last two days, when I click on My Dashboard, or New Post, the pages that come up are a list of links going down the page. That is, the menus do not format / layout correctly. I can still use the links to get done what I need to do. It is just that the page is not formatting as it should. My site works fine in IE, but that is not my preferred browser.

    What have I done wrong?



    Which menus or pages are you discussing? Not sure I understand what exactly you’re seeing. Care to take a screen cap and put it somewhere so we can view it?


    will this help? The bottom half of the screen is as you would expect the page to look




    Eewwww Do me a favor and clear out your browser’s file cache complete and see if that helps. What’s in between there is all CSS divs so it the style sheet didn’t fully load the first time though, I’m betting since most browsers cache a file once it thinks it’s got it, it’s not trying to pull it again.

    edit: Thnaks for the screencap


    Thanks drmike, worked like a charm. Appreciate the time.



    Not a problem :)

    Dang, that had a lot of typos in there.

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