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    Theme: Chateau

    Up until I added a custom background, my navigation menu at the top of my site was always on white, so that the drop down lists of child pages would always cover the header with an opaque background. But now that I uploaded a custom background, the drop down lists are transparent… making it a little difficult to read the longer lists because they run into my header. What happened? I’ve even reverted back to the default header thinking that would fix it but the menu background still stays transparent. Is it really my custom background that is causing it?

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    It certainly seems to be a bug: I tried a background image in a test blog, in Chateau, and had the same result as you describe. The navigation is almost impossible to read!

    When I removed the background image, the drop down items again have an opaque background.

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    Hi there, I can confirm that drop-down menus in Chateau become transparent when a custom background image is added. However, I’ve reported this to our team and we’re looking into the possibility of changing this functionality. I’ll keep you posted.

    In the meantime, if you have the Custom Design upgrade, you can use the following CSS to force the menu to retain its white background:

    #menu li {
    background: #fff !important;


    Hi Michiecat and 1Tess,

    Thank you so much for your help! Michiecat, will it be awhile for the team to change this functionality? If I do get the Custom Design upgrade, is there a way to have the tabs shaded so there is a contrast in the tabs/menus like in other blog themes, otherwise, it is free floating and doesn’t look too great…




    Hi Michiecat,

    I purchased the Custom Design Upgrade. How can I change the color of the font on the menu tabs and put boxes around them. Basically, I want to have the same green color that I have on my widget side bar for the top menu tabs and I want to boxes around the tabs to separate them since it is hard to see the tabs.

    My blog is



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