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    Does anyone know of:

    1.) Contact Form containing fields for name, email, topic, comments and a spam filter.
    2.) Will forward same to an email address without Google Apps. The forwarding feature must work as simply as call forwarding on a telephone.
    3.) That can simply be downloaded, installed and uploaded to my menu bar?

    If so, please provide a link. Please appreciate that I’m not technical and have no interest or the time necessary to learn.If it is more complicated than as described above it won’t work for me. So really I love tech people but I know what I need to make it work.

    I have spent two hours of my time searching WordPress for this solution and am now asking.

    The blog I need help with is


    3. There isn’t anything that I’m aware of that could be used here as far as plugins or such since we cannot add plugins, and most of the things like that take javascript and forms HTML to work, which again are not allowed here.

    1 & 2. WordPress recently added some new features to the contact form they provide here that you might want to take a look at including the ability to add additional email addresses and include a “subject” field as well. By default it will send the contact form emails to the email address you have listed under settings > general (the admin email address) but you can add others within the shortcode if you need to.

    As far as “as simple as call forwarding on a telephone” no. You would have to edit the shortcode and change the email address there. Not so bad though.


    And by the way, the contact form here does go through the Akismet spam filter. I have never received any spams via the contact form.



    I’m not sure why you’re having difficulty finding it; all that information is in the Support document on the Contact form.

    Contact forms have to be IN web pages, so you’ll always have to put it in a page or a post; the page tab won’t open in empty air with a contact form. Since it goes to your email, it has your email provider’s spam filter as well as Akismet.

    This is the way the contact form here works: under the customizations, you can see it has everything you need in terms of line items:

    You make a page and put the contact form in it, and poof, it’s a page tab. You don’t download anything.



    Seems both tsp and raincoaster have answered you. Guess we’ll just have to wait until a mod or Staff comes round to fish them out of the spam filter.



    I’m not being snarky here but raincoaster & justjennifer I have absolutely no idea of what you are even communicating here.

    Thank you tsp for using my references. I’m really not trying to be difficult but tech speak is a foreign language.

    Time to hang drapes and then I’ll try the contact form.



    Read the link I gave you.



    Yeah I did. It’s the same as tsp provided. I tried that one about a month ago. Followed the instruction and it didn’t work. Plus it doesn’t talk about loading on the Menu Bar. So it isn’t what I want or asked about anyway. Thanks though.

    Drapes are up though ;)


    You put the code into a page and then put that page will appear in the top menu, or if you are using the custom menu, you add it to the custom menu.

    There is nothing that will pop down a contact form right off the menu and I’ve never seen any plugins that will do that, not even for Joomla or Drupal. Site login dropdown, yes, contact form dropdown, no.

    I just did some tests from the comment form here. I added three of my email addresses and sent a contact and I received the contact at all three of the email addresses. I then changed the code and set to a different email address and it went to that address. I then removed all email addresses and it sent to the admin email address I have set at settings > general. And all of those I entered different “subjects” in and the emails reflected those subjects.

    No if you will excuse me I have to go and clean out my email inbox.



    Oh thanks anyway tsp but I’m not even going there. I stopped reading before the end of your first sentence. My head was already swimming.

    I’m still looking for a tech I can afford and any improvements will just have to wait until I find that person.

    Thank you for all the help you given me getting me this far.



    If you honestly can’t figure out that you just make a Page and title it Contact and put the Contact form in it, either TSP or I will be happy to do it for you at our regular rates.



    TSP answered you in his first comment. All messages left in contact forms on our blogs are emailed automatically to us.

    How to create a contact form:
    1. create a static page >
    2. type “Contact” or “Contact Me” into the title field
    3. type [contact-form] into the body of the page – do not copy paste – type it
    4. save the page

    If you can’t handle that then you will need to contact Staff and ask them for their assistance.



    Thanks no. I went looking for a tech dictionary to find out what the heck a static page is but it didn’t tell me where to find or how make one. I just flat out don’t have time for this.

    I can write in legalese too that you people would never understand. I do in appellate briefs just to screw with opposing counsel.

    I sincerely thank you for your effort. I will hire somebody and it won’t be $200.00 an hour raincoaster. Thanks for the offer through.

    Lawyers and medical people speak lay language all the time. I don’t understand why tech people can’t. None of you have learned the first rule of communication: You don’t assume knowledge.



    Gee I am not a Techie nor am I a lawyer and even I was able to figure out how to have a static page with a contact form in the header – not that hard really



    I gave you the instructions here >

    It takes only moments to make a static page for content and it takes only seconds to create a contact page. :(

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