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    I set a temporary image for my button that takes you to the menu screen. Now that I have my logo finished, I can’t find a way to delete the old one. It looks really messy and disorganized with the two buttons. How do you change the button’s image?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi Mort,

    Have you resolved this issue> The image above the site title in the header on yoiur site is the Header Gravatar image, a special feature of the Independent Publisher 2 theme. There is presently no site logo displayed. Where are the two buttons that you refer to?



    Are you referring to the site


    This is the one. Sorry about the confusion.


    I have one site for my digital media, and one for my reviews.



    No worries. That’s what I’d expected to find on the first site.

    The circular image above the site title and below the site icon is a special feature on the Independent Publisher 2 theme called the Header Gravatar. The Gravatar image associated with the email address entered at Customize > Theme Options > Header Gravatar is displayed there. By default the account email address is automatically inserted in the box there. You may remove the image by deleting the email address in the box, then clicking the Publish button.




    I meant “below the site logo” rather than “below the site icon.”



    How do you change the button’s image?

    Remove the image from the header on Independent Publisher 2 as I described above. How to change the Gravatar or profile image is described in the Upload an Avatar section of the Gravatars support page.


    Thank you so much!



    You’re welcome!

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