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    I am trying to set up my blog that the viewer can select from the menu to view various posts that are related to the same topic. My Home page shows my posts, while the other pages are static.

    So for an example, let us say that my new post is related to GBP/JPY (a currency specific type) that is viewed with system A of trading. And the menu has Currencies-Individual Currencies (GBP/JPY; USD/CAD, EUR/USD), while the next menu field (or static page) is Systems-System A, System B etc.)

    Now since the post is related to both GBP/JPY and to System A, I wish the viewer to be able to see all the posts that are related to GBP/JPY when clicking on Currencies-GBP/JPY sub-menu (which is the static page titled GBP/JPY) and for the same post to be viewed when the viewer clicks the Systems-System A sub-menu (which is a static page titled System A.

    I found some of the help files referring to linking the url. But that does not give the static page the post. It gives a link to the post and redirects to the said post when clicked.

    Does this mean that I have to duplicate a single post in all of the relevant static pages so the viewer can see them?

    Please assist.

    Thanks, BlueMental.

    The blog I need help with is


    Sorry – to clarify the statement “that is viewed with system A of trading” in my original text, I should rather have stated “that works with System A of trading”

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