Menu colors wrong in IE – responsive theme

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    Trying to troubleshoot why primary menu is showing with black on the very end and black rollovers in IE.

    I have tried everything and am ready to pull out my hair.

    Customized the CSS and it looks great in Firefox, Safari, Chrome, but not IE.

    The blog I need help with is


    Would anyone mind checking this in IE to see if the menu bar is blue? And when you rollover a menu item that it is not black?

    I was trying to keep my issue short when typing it above, but I see it doesn’t make a lot of sense! Here is what I did:

    Customized the menu CSS for the Responsive theme.
    Set the menu a:hover to blue, and the bg color to blue.
    However, in IE, the hovers show as black/gray gradient.

    Would anyone mind checking that out in IE for me? I am stumped!

    Thank you in advance for your help.


    I just viewed the blog using IE8 and the top menu color background is royal blue and when rolled over the background changes to a more intense blue.


    I tested in IE9, and I see blue main menu items and they are gray when I hover over them.

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