Menu dont work fine after activate nextgen-gallery plugin

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    I really love the plugin For the gallery because it is very easy to use and until today i had no problems.

    But now i have made a new Homepage for a friend and i have the problem, that after i activate the Nextgen-gallery plugin, that my dropdown (dropside ;) Menu no more works right. If u look at the following link u will see on the left Menu the link “Dekoration”. If u hold ure mouse over it there comes a dropdown menu to the right side, until here it is normal, but if u will go with ure mouse to the dropdown menu to select a underpage the dropdown menu go away so fast that u cant select a page link.

    Here the link:

    If i go to deactivate the plugin the menu works fine, and when i reactivate it the problem comes back.

    So is there any idea how i can fix this (little) problem? Im not a big programmer, so i would be really happy if someone can help me.

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    You did not specify a blog address or reason for posting when you created this topic.

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    Since you are using a Plug-in you are in the wrong forum and should take the friendly supportbot’s advice and make friends at WordPress.ORG.


    Ok, sorry! Dont know it!

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