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menu got truncated - items lost - functionality decreased

  1. My Custom menu (relatively extensive) is used to navigate through my page. When changed and updated - it has been truncated to about half the size - items lost. Could be just a bug, connection failure at wrong time, but it more seems that my extensive menu structure is too big for your new upgraded version. Maybe I overuse the menu a little bit, but it made the blog to behave almost like regular web page - having a structure (I know about the other ways to organize it - do not bother to remind). I was just hoping the size of menu items allowed will grow with new version - seems to be the opposite.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi there - I'm sorry you're having trouble with the custom menu. We are currently investigating and I will keep folks updated in this thread:

    I'm closing this thread for now, but please feel free to subscribe to the one above.

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