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Menu issues

  1. notchangingmyname

    Hi all,

    With justpi's help I was able to fix my menu to the bottom of the page. The problem now is that when you put your mouse over the links, the "sub"-categories don't appear. For example, when you put your mouse over "Health and Fitness," you should have to option of choosing between three categories. I'm assuming I can't see them because they are 'dropping down' out of view, so how can I fix my code to make them rise up? Thanks!!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm not sure if this will work, but give it a try and see what happens (I'm experimenting through you...)
    Add this to your css:

    .sub-menu {position: relative; top: 940px;}

    You'll need to tinker with the "top" attribute number - assuming it works at all.

  3. notchangingmyname

    Thanks for the attempt zandyring! It didn't work though.

    Here is my css for moving the menu bar, if that helps.

    #access {
    	margin:0 auto;
    #access .menu-header, {
  4. This is really a stumper for me. Drop down menus will automatically push up if there isn't room on the bottom of the page, but since yours is stuck right to the bottom, I'm not sure if it's just swallowing the menu or what. Maybe where you have "bottom: 0" put in 1px, and perhaps it'll register space enough to push the menu up?

  5. Give this a try:

    #access ul ul {
    	top: auto;
    	bottom: 38px;
  6. I'm dying to know if this worked!

  7. notchangingmyname

    It worked!! Thanks designsimply! And thanks again zandyring!

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