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    using textbook theme can not access the menu item description in the customize menu. It does not show up so i can change it.

    Please help. thank you.

    The blog I need help with is




    I’ve not been able to duplicate the issue you describe. On a test site with the Textbook theme applied, I find that the menu item description field is always clearly visible, as can be seen in this screenshot: I’ll call for staff attention to the topic. Please wait for staff to respond.



    Hi folks, I learned something new :) That setting can be enabled or disabled … in wp-admin. I guess it’s usually enabled by default. I’ve enabled it for you, @holystreamsolutions, and now it works.


    thank you both for your speedy reply.
    I did not know there were screen options for menu items.
    That was very helpful supernovia.
    God bless.



    Just wanted to add that you can also display the menu description via the Customizer‘s Menus panel.

    Click the gear icon and then check off “Description” and you’ll get a field in which you can enter it.

    So no need to go to WP Admin!

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