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    Hey y’all,

    I just started blogging for our company and would like to have custom menu tabs for some of our post categories and I’m having a hard time. I’ve found two ‘solutions’ neither of which work properly. : ( Help!

    Solution One:
    My custom menu let’s me add Categories, Post Tags & Custom Links to the menu. If this actually worked it would be so ridiculously easy. But for some reason the more custom menu items (categories, tags, custom link) don’t show up on my blog even if they are listed and saved on my active menu. Any thoughts to why they don’t actually publish on the site?

    Solution Two:
    I’ve been researching options and added a Page for my category that I would like to have a Menu Tab. I added this code for the page title:
    One Charming Thing

    This does seem to work in theory, and directs you to all the posts from that category. However as some other people have pointed out, the appearance of the tab is a little wonky. In addition to the wonkiness, I can’t arrange that particular tab within my menu – even if it is placed smack in the middle of my menu list it always appears first on my blog’s menu.

    I’m editing the blog on so I don’t have an installs on my computer but am open to doing anything that any of you geniuses can think of if it will help! My theme is Under the Influence, do you think that would have an effect? I’m fine and dandy with html but not so versed in CSS so I was trying to avoid having to get too custom but if that’s the answer I’ll study hard I promise.

    Thanks in advance for the help!

    The blog I need help with is


    hahaha sorry that code showed up as a link –

    One Charming Thing

    Hopefully that will work!


    “Solution One” does work. Typically what people forget to do is select their custom menu from the “primary location” pulldown in the theme locations module at upper left on appearance > menus.

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