Menu jumps when I switch from one menu item to another

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    Hi there

    When I click on a new menu item the menu bar jumps a little, like it has the hiccups. Does anyone please know how to rectify this so that the transition appears smoothly?

    Thanks for your help.

    The blog I need help with is


    I’m not seeing this on the site you reference. Did you find the solution? If not, can you tell us exactly where you see the issue, and what browser and browser version you are seeing it in? I’m looking with Safari and with Firefox and don’t see any jumping around.


    Hi, that’s interesting that it’s not happening when you view it. I’m using Safari too, version 6.0.2 (7536.26.17).

    Thanks for looking into this…


    Can you tell us exactly where you are seeing this? What are you hovering over or clicking on that causes the jump?


    I checked because that was what you selected as your blog when you created your help request.

    Is the blog you are looking at?


    Apologies designsimply, the url has now changed to

    If you could take a look at this that would be ace, thank you!

    It’s not a major problem, just a bit annoying.


    I took a look, but I can’t see the issue you describe where the menu jumps. Here is my test:


    Hi designsimply

    thanks for checking this for me and showing me the link to your test. if the switching between tabs is appearing correctly in most browsers then (including yours) then that’s fine. perhaps it was a temporary blip!

    thanks again


    If it keeps happening, maybe try to get a screencast of it if at all possible. I haven’t heard of any other similar reports, so I think it sounds like it might be pretty isolated to your browser for some reason.

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