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Menu Misplaced

  1. Hi,

    The menu of my blog are misplaced, but only on PCs!

    It's very strange, but 2/3 days ago I did some changes on the menus (on a MAC) and at first it was ok, but now, the menu seem misplaced when you see it in a PC (in any browser - safari, explorer, firefox, chrome). But when seen in a MAC it's ok!

    In a PC it only appears the fist and last page (one in front of the other) and the other pages are slightly up and hidden - they only appear when you roll over the mouse.

    How can I fix this? Any ideas?

    Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. by the away, here goes the link:

  3. I've resolved it changing the theme from K2-lite to Coraline.
    I hope I won't have any more troubles...

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