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    I have a sidebar on my desktop site with a number of menu options – these options are headings which lead to links to other pages. For these to work all I have to do is hover over them.

    When switching to the mobile/tablet site, the menu changes (which is great) but to access the sub-menus you have to click an arrow… This arrow does not work…

    Is anybody else having this issue?

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi there! You mean the sub-menu items can’t be seen because the little arrow doesn’t expand when tapped to show them, right?

    Which device(s) and browser(s) have you noticed this on?

    I’m checking it out, so any additional details you’ve got with how/when it’s happening, would be great! :)



    I (and other users) have noticed it on a range of devices including iPhone 5, Samsung phones as well as iPads.

    It seems that sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes you have to click it twice. Sometimes it will work if you open and close the menu first.



    Forgot to answer the question.
    Yes the little arrow doesn’t always expand when tapped.


    Okay, thanks for the additional information. :)

    I was able to replicate the problem (sometimes) and have reported the issue. I’ll share any updates/fixes here once we’ve got them.




    Any word on the menu problem?

    [I know I’m needy – sorry.]


    Hi! A developer has pushed an update to how the mobile menu works on Writr. I tried your site on my iPhone and it’s working for me now, so hope that fixes it for you too! :)

    Let me know if you notice anything strange.

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