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Menu on right side is at bottom of page

  1. I discovered that when i visit my blog from other computers than my own, the whole menu that should appear on the upper right side of the page has been moved far below on the page. What can i do about that? On my home pc the menu is where it should be, but not when i visit my blog on other computers.

  2. Do you have a blog?
    If so please provide a link to it.

    Usually when a sidebar dives to the bottom it's because the blogger inserted something too large for the blogging space into the space and broke the blog lay out. Alternatively it can be a browser issue when being viewed through IE. This latter one sounds like your situation.

  3. It's probably both. An image or item in a post is too wide. But due to inconsistencies in the way it has been coded *cough* :) it only shows/does not show in one browser. It is a lethal state of affairs but very common.

  4. {waving to atthe404}

    @ frosunda
    The maximum sizes for images in the blogging space are listed here

    The other we cannot help you with.

  5. Okey, thx for the help. Here is a link to my blog:

    Is it the images that causes this?

  6. It looks fine in Firefox. Try clicking on each individual post and seeing which one it is that fails. It should be only one, and then you know which to fiddle with.

  7. Nice, thx. =)

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