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    Okay so a couple of weeks ago I came on here and asked how to remove the menu all together from twenty ten (or if I was still using twenty eleven, anyways I’ve since changed to twenty ten and the same “remove code” works there too).

    Now I’ve realized that the header is not linked back to HOME as in many other themes, (or at least not if you don’t use the uploaded one but add a background img to the header div) and I want to have the menu back. BUT since I now use a background img in the header div instead of the uploaded one that I guess pushes the menu down to the bottom, the menu now shows up at the top of the header div and I want it where it usually is at the bottom. Tried all different kinds of code, using padding or margins to get it to the bottom and I’m stumped. It’s the middle of the night here and I might be missing something obvious and it’s driving me crazy! If you look at my blog you’ll see the menu at the top and it’s covering part of my header img. How to I get it below the img without sending my content waaay down too?

    Thank you and sorry for being a rambling mess!

    The blog I need help with is


    The site linked to your username, , hasn’t had a post added to it since 2005 and doesn’t appear to have any custom CSS at all.



    Um, that’s weird since I’ve set this other one as my primary one and chose it in the dropdown menu when I posted here last night. Sorry for the mixup! This is the blog


    To change the site linked to your username, go to users > personal settings, go down to account information and in the website field put the correct URL and save. When you choose the site from the pulldown, that is for the software to check and make sure you are in the correct forum and we volunteers cannot see that choice.

    The header image in twenty ten has never linked to the main page. The site title, which used to be above the header was linked to the site main page. You can go to the twenty ten theme demo page and check it for yourself.

    This will get the navigation back down to the bottom of the header image for you.

    #access {
    margin-top: 198px;


    Okay, thank you! Will do that to ensure no more mixups if I need to ask anything else on here!

    Yes, I figured that when I tried going back to using the uploaded one, and that’s why I decided I wanted the menu back. But I couldn’t figure out how to make it work.

    Thank you for dealing with both my mistakes and my rambling! :) Much appreciated!


    Not a problem, and not a mistake, it was simply something that you did not know.

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