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Menu Text Size

  1. Im just curious as to what code I would use to increase the size of my menu text. Also I want the menu to all be on one line instead of wrapping and a certain point. Thanks for the help!!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Given your logo is rather small, you can increase the maximum width for the navigation using the following.

    .navigation-main {
        max-width: 800px;

    Since your theme is responsive, that means it will adjust the width and styling for different browser windows or devices so that it looks good on all of them. The navigation section will adjust in width, so on some devices, such as on tablets, the navigation may go to a second line. The visitor's browser settings can have an effect on it as well (zoom level, minimum font size, etc.).

  3. I see you were able to adjust the menu font size through the Custom Fonts. Nice job, and your site is looking very good.

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