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    As requested I am starting a new thread so you can troubleshoot more easily?

    Here is the text of my post again:

    “all the menu items appear as top level despite having set all pages to correct levels and resetting the appearance/menus function.
    When I save the menu all items revert to top level.”

    I am using Twenty-ten theme.

    Problem first occurred on 1 Jan 2013.

    The site is

    The blog I need help with is



    Thanks for starting a new thread.

    I’ve had a look at your menu and wonder if part of the confusion may be that you currently have two separate custom menus set up, instead of only one.

    One is called “Tales” and is not being used anywhere on your site.

    The other is called “TLHG” and is being used as your primary menu.

    As a test, on the TLHG menu, I set two sub-pages of About Us: How we got started, and Steering Group. I saved the menu, and those two sub-pages are now visible in the drop-down menu under About Us.

    Could you have another look and let me know if this is working as you’d like it, and whether the two menus may be part of the confusion?



    Thank you for getting back to me. I set up the Tales menu when I couldnt get the TLHG menu to work, they were identical. I have now deleted the Tales Menu and see you have been successful in creating sub menu items under the About Us on the TLHG menu. However when I do the same with other items I want as sub menu items although they will nest on the Appearances/Menu page, when I attempt to save the menu all the items I move revert to top level again. The ones you changed stay put where they should be. Also I had previously 3 menu levels, now I can only set up 2 levels. I deleted the domain browser cache and cookies but that did nothing to help either. I can see the HTML for the sub menu differs with the addition of
    <ul class=”sub-menu”> but dont know if we can (or how we can) make the changes directly in HTML.
    Thanks for your continuing help.



    Hi there, I’m sorry you’re still having trouble. To rule out a browser issue, would you mind trying a different browser – like Chrome or Firefox – and let me know if you have the same trouble saving your menu changes?


    Google Chrome fixed it, menu changes effected and saved. I don’t know what happened to IE9 to stop it doing the job, but we are back in business so not to worry. Your help professional, effective and timely. Many thanks.



    Thanks for letting me know. I’ll test this in IE9 to see if it’s a reproduceable browser issue, but I’m glad you found a workaround for now!

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