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    re clean home theme:

    I had a vertical menu made of A SELECTION of my pages. cool that worked nice
    I didn’t really want that tho, i wanted a menu at the right hand side
    So I created two menu widgets and put them there. Cool that works how i expected and some very nice functionality too.
    however i can’t get rid of the top/horizontal menu
    if i go to the appearance/MENU and set primary navigation as BLANK then it starts to go wrong.

    OK i agree a menu is not displayed, however

    what is displayed instead is ALL of the PAGES

    how do i get rid of these?
    1. do i unpublish them?
    2. if i unpublish then will the menu of pages still be there but blank. IE will the space be taken up???

    I’ll expeiriment but if anyon could let me know the ‘accepted’ way of doing this that would be great. i deally i would like to keep the data in my pages ie not delete them

    many thanks!

    The blog I need help with is


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