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    Hello Everyone! and Happy Happy New year!
    I seem to be running into a problem and need help.
    I published my blog (brand new to blogging) at the end of November.
    I have quite a bit of content, but need to better organize it for easier navigation.
    Here is what I want to do, but do not know how:
    I would like to create a menu that I can group all my posts under, respectively, for each menu item, and as I post, my posts will automatically be placed under the correct menu item.
    For example, I would like a menu to contain Recipes, Blogs, About, Research, Contact.
    As my blog stands now, I have three menu items and they sort of work, by assigning categories that are the same as menu items.
    Thanks in advance for any help is appreciated.
    Keep warm! We are expecting 15 inches of snow here in Northeast America!
    Ciao for now

    The blog I need help with is



    A Custom Menu is what you want.

    When you add categories to your posts, you can add a category directly to your site navbar. When someone clicks on the link, all the posts in that category will show up on a dynamically created page.


    Thank you Jennifer for making taking the time to help me. Yes, you are correct and I have fixed my blog t make it work this way. Thank you so much!!
    Ciao for Now!

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