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    Hi I am wondering if it is possible to put a left-hand sidebar on the Origin theme. Also, I recently shifted my theme and then back again and now my top menus are poorly formatted and I can’t seem to fix them. Any help?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi, how would you like the top menu to actually look like?

    And for the sidebar, do you want to *add* a left Sidebar (so in total you have 3 columns), or move the current Sidebar to the left?


    Thanks for responding! I would like the menus to be straight across the top of the site, underneath the banner image. I also am looking to bold the labels and make them a bit larger.

    With regards to the sidebar, I am looking to add a sidebar but ideally something that is not static and changes depending on the page. Something like this where to the left there are prominent links to other posts under the same category.


    Hi, I see your menu across underneath the header image right now.

    I see you have the fonts larger now in your menu. To make the menu labels bold, add the following to the #menu-primary li a rule you have in your custom CSS.

    font-weight: bold;

    In fixed width themes, you can move one of the footer widget areas up and to the left of the content, but on responsive width themes, such as Origin, this is very difficult to do since it requires position: absolute; which means the sidebar would not flow and adjust on narrower browser windows or smaller devices such as tablets and phones.

    You can use the widget visibility feature to set which widgets will appear, or not appear on which pages This support document explains how to do that.

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