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    Sorry, but I need some help!

    This is my blog

    First up…ordering (custom menus, as far as I can tell, I have selected a theme that allows this as the demos and examples have this functionality)
    I’m trying to order my index (aka homepages / nest menue) for each of my sections – Movies, Music, Travel, Obsat… yet when I create ‘pages’ they do not appear under the catergry I believe I have assigned them to – So, when I create a Movies Page, for example, and assign the Parent page to Movies – it doesn’t apper in the Movies section. I’ve tried making these Posts rather than Pages and still having no joy.

    Then there’s the layout….
    I get rid of the white space above the content and below my header? Pages are being published in the footer it seems, everything I add to the right-hand side bar is pushing the content down to the bottom. Hmmm…

    I want my pages or posts (?) to look pretty like the ones in the Demo! Hope you can help!?

    Also, the address to my blog ‘’ (double rr) It should be ‘therealcorrinacorrina’ Is this an error on my part somehow?

    Eternal gratitude if you can help!
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is

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