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Menus not working

  1. I don't seem to be able to drag/drop my custom menu items. Also I don't know if it's related but the drop down menus from the "My Account" & "Blog Info"tabs at the top aren't appearing.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm having a similar problem as fcas with the Admin Bar, but only in the forums. Everywhere else on the site it works correctly.

    Using FF 3.6.3 with XPPro SP3, Cookies danced, etc. Earlier Support ticket updated to include this behavior.

  3. Update: no problem at my end with drag/drop custom menu items.

  4. Having the same issue with the Admin bar.

  5. It's working today.

  6. wordsdivinelywrought

    Same here. Problem only when I'm in Forums. Started being a little persnickety last night and has continued into today.

  7. Same issue with the adimn bar in the forums.. Has any one sent staff a support ticket ?


  8. Update I sent in a support ticket with a link to this thread...


  9. FWIW-not in IE8 either.

  10. Has this been resolved? I'm having drop-down menu problems as well. All 5 Parent menus do not show sub pages. I've posted this concern: Wu Wei Problem: Drop-down menus are not working and missing..

  11. The Admin Bar in the Forums issue seems to now be resolved for me.

  12. wordsdivinelywrought


  13. New oddness in the Admin Bar, the rollover state stays highlighted.

  14. Sorry, I meant to say, in the forums the rollover state stays highlighted.

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