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    When I go to set a new header image for my blog, I have to select a file from my computer and upload that, I can’t select one of the images already uploaded for use in my blog.

    I would like to see the choosing/uploading of a custom header image merged with the existing upload manager. That way, I can just upload a couple of header images and when I want to change the actual header image used, I can just pick one of the header images from the image selector. Everything blog related would be stored in one web-accessible place (on instead of two places, one of which I can’t access when away from home.

    (I’ll send this to Support as well; just wanted to share the idea)


    +1 Good idea. :)



    Yes, it would make much more sense and make it easier to fix things when they go wrong.



    will hardly ever happen.

    the matter is, a “Custom Image Header” is a rather recent feature relatively to WPMU in general a .com’s inception in particular.

    it was introduced on .com only in April’06 when the Regulus theme got updated up to 2.1. Regulus used a toolkit developed by the smart 3rd party folks who arrived on how it could be done by an easy way and some tricks of its own. before that users requested that feature were told it’ll be just $200/h. to implement (as a private custom order) if they want it so badly.

    later then in Jan’07 a “Custom Image Header API” included into WP core was released by Automattic with WP 2.1, but still it supposed to be used at the theme level, creating a “Custom Image Header” page in the “Presentation” menu.

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