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Merge two accounts

  1. I have two wordpress-accounts, one with one blog and another with two blogs. Is it possible to merge the accounts, so I can have all blogs on only one account. I created the first blogs before is was possible to have multiple blogs on one account.

  2. You can make the username you want to continue using an admin on the blogs under the different username, then have that identity delete the other identity. Does that make sense?

    So, signing in as Loldragon, you'd make Dragonlol an admin of the blog (he is already admin for and Then Dragonlol deletes loldragon as an admin. Then Dragonlol is admin of all three blogs.

  3. Thanks, it was just what I needed!

  4. YOu're welcome. The now-blogless ID still works as a WordPress ID, but doesn't have any blogs.

    Note that if you are trying to keep your identities disconnected, having all the blogs under one user is counterproductive. If that's not an issue then, it is much simpler to manage.

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