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    Hey guys, looking for some help here. I have one login that I use here, but I have two seperate blogs associated with that login. These are and .

    I am looking to merge these two blogs together, is that possible?





    You can export the contents out of one blog and import them into another blog with ease. The links must be exported and imported separately.
    Instructions to follow:



    Importing and exporting blogs on wordpress MU blogging platforms
    There is an import and export function for this purpose in your dashboard
    -> dashboard -> manage -> export -> wordpress

    (1) You can export the contents of your blog (posts, comments, categories) in the form of an xml file to your desktop and then import the xml file into the other blog site.

    (2) The blogroll links must be separately exported and re-categorized. That means you will have to re-assign them to each link but it’s better than copying and pasting those links yet again. :)

    Quick note about the blogroll. The OPML format doesn’t support categories even though they’ll be there when you do the export. Best bet would be to assign the major category for them when you go to import them as you’re going to have to reassign them afterwards anyway.

    Blogroll- If you had links, you can export them out at (You must change “my domain” to your own url, of course.)

    Open that exported blogroll (links) xml file in a plain text editor like NotePad and save as a *.txt file. Be sure you are using a plain ext editor and then import the *.txt file you saved into your new blog at dashboard -> blogroll -> import Links.

    Important Note: The blogroll (links) xml file needs to be saved as a *.txt doc in a plain text editor like Notepad. This is because if you were to save it as a text rich text document using for example Microsoft Wordpad or Word (horrors!) those programs would add in all kinds of garbage like fonts and unusual html formatting code that mess will it up for what we’re doing here.




    Then from each blog Manage > Export
    In the new blog Manage > Import

    and see how things go.



    Thanks! That did it. For some reason I was thinking that would do it, but I wasn’t sure. :o)



    I know how to export/import the XML sutff, but what about the files. Is there anyway to transfer the files from one blog to another?

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