Merging style of one theme with function of another

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    I am brand new to wordpress and not particularly adept at working with CSS, but I want to be able to customize my blog.

    Currently, I like the functionality of one theme (“Pixel” 1.9.7). In particular, I like that the “categories” go across the top. I am planning on running a fantasy basketball website, so most of my posts will be organized by category or sub-category. Ideally, I’d like my readers to be able to navigate to the type of content that they are looking for via category. If I liked the style/design of the Pixel theme, I would be all set. However, I’m not really a huge fan. I’m a much bigger fan of the crisp and clean look of “JQ” 2.0 by Devolux. Ideally, I’d like to merge these two themes so that I can have the function/layout of pixel, but the design of JQ.

    If anybody can tell me how to move code (and what code) from Pixel to JQ or vice versa to make this happen, that would be great.

    Alternatively, if you know of any other themes with the categories displayed across the top of the page, but without a black background, I could take a look at them.

    Thanks for your help!



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