Merging/Moving blog from Letterdash to WordPress

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    I have a blog on Letterdash and would like to “merge” it with my blog here, is there a way that if I blog there, it will automatically create a post here or how I can get all my old posts on Letterdash to show here, I do not want to copy & paste more than 200 entries and then lose all the comments.

    The blog I need help with is



    (1) Do you have an XML export file? If you do then you can import it using these instructions.

    (2) If there is no exporter and you cannot get an XML file of your content then provided there is an RSS feed on Letterdash Staff may be able to help you import the content using it.

    (3) I’m not saying this is the case, so please do not choose to be offended, but if you are looking for the ability to autopost duplicate content to both sites then does not provide such tools as they are commonly used by content thieves who set up splogs.

    see also > Google webmasters > Duplicate content >

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