Merging/Recovering Stats from a self-hosted install to a .COM blog

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    Hi again, all.

    I’m about to complete an import from a self-hosted install to a blog. i.e., I have exported all of my posts, etc, from my site , and then imported it to

    Does anyone know if I can recover my stats for the self-hosted install and use them for My stats run in the thousands over the course of a year, which isn’t much, but is enough that I don’t want to lose that at all.

    Is this a question for The forums, or should I take it to Support?


    -m /

    The blog I need help with is



    Hello there,
    To my knowledge there is no way to export wordpress stats but I can’t confirm that so here’s the link for contacting staff for confirmation.
    Best wishes.



    I believe there’s no way to add pre-existing stats to stats, however you can install any number of external counters which start at a pre-existing number: sitemeter, statcounter, etc. They are exhaustively detailed on Timethief’s site.

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